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Circuit Board Keychains, Necklaces, Earrings, Magnets and more. The USB items either have memory storage or light up when plugged in!!

Electronic Ormanents. All have capacitive touch virtual buttons, flashing LED's and play seasonal music!!

Welcome to sortcodes.info!

We are a group of engineers and technicians that specialize in designing and manufacturing custom circuit boards for electronic control. We do projects for many types of customers but they are typically industrial markets and applications.

One day while brainstorming for new products we could produce, it occured to us that we could use our expertise, familiarity with materials from the electronics world and make more artistic devices. We started with what we called a boardament because it was originally meant to be like an ornament that could be used to hang or sit on a desk or mantle and look like a circuitboard but also be pleasing to the eye and have lights that changed patterns. Our first attempt produced a round board in red with a silver star, all of it made up of traces that carried the signals and power from the batteries to the on integrated chips and on to the LED lights.

Our next model was quite a bit more advanced and while it still had a star on the front it was also used as a capacitive touch button, meaning that by simply touching it, you could make things happen, such as change the light pattern, change mode, etc. And most importantly, this new boardament had the ability to produce sound. So along with the display of lights it also plays tunes.

From there we decided to introduce more jewelry like pieces including earings and pendants that could be plugged into a USB port and used for storage or just to light up some lights. We're still expanding our offering and are in the process of building this web site so if you bear with us for a bit while we finish the web site, hopefully you'll find just the right thing for yourself or a gift for a friend.